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FAQ Wooden Maps & Decorations

Before you buy

How to choose the correct map size?

You should choose the map size based on your wall size where you wish to install the map. It is always a good idea to leave some blank space on each side.

  Map dimensions   Wall dimensions (recommended)
  width height
(varies for chosen style)
width height
L120 120cm
10cm / 4in
more than map height
L150 150cm
10cm / 4in
more than map height
XL 200cm
15cm / 6in
more than map height
MEGA 300cm
20cm / 8in
more than map height

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide from various locations in the European Union and the USA. The cost of shipping is calculated in the shopping cart. If your delivery destination is outside of Europe and North America, you may also contact us to get a price quote on UPS or DHL Express shipping for your specific product combination.

What is the difference among the ADVENTURER, EXPLORER and TRAVELER editions?

The difference between the three editions is described in great detail on the World map product page. The actual physical geographical map parts are the same for all three editions. These three styles differ in the accessories you receive with the map. The Traveler is the basic, the Adventurer edition is an upgrade from Traveler, then the Explorer is the most comprehensive set.

1-layer Antarctica panel NO YES NO
3D elaborate compass NO, single layer compass YES YES
Monuments wooden panel NO NO YES
Standard islands 56 56 56
Aeroplanes 2 2 4
Ships 4 4 8
Mounting tape included included Included

What is the difference between 2D and 3D wooden maps?

All of our wooden maps are technicaly 3D maps which means they are made from several wooden layers and have a "depth". Though what we mean by 2D maps is that the viewable topmost layer is flat and usually the thickness is the same throughout the whole decoration. Alternatively, the thickness of 3D maps varies so they look quite differently from various angles (especially under different lighting conditions).

How accurate are the maps?

Our wooden maps are geographically representative but still a decoration - so don't use it for navigation :). The World map uses the Mercator projection. Though certain maps that have islands (like the wooden World map) have some of these islands out-of-scale which means that they are larger than they would be. We rather make these islands larger in order for them to stand out when installed. If we were to make them in scale, oftentimes they would be unidentifiable tiny wooden specks.

Which islands are included?

All map editions have the standard 56 islands listed on the World map product page. You can then also extend your map with an additional remote, exotic and antarctic islands. Or we can also make a custom islands for you. Just ask.

How are accessories packed?

When you order extra map accessories with the map, everything will be neatly packed in one box :)

How to choose the right map colour combination?

If you wish to really match one of our decorations with your interior, you may also consider ordering a returnable samples pack here.

Please note that the colours you see online may look slightly different in reality as compared to the photos on computer monitors and phone screens. Also note that wood is a natural material, so each wall decoration is unique and will have slightly different texture, imperfections and colours. That is what we actually love about our products!

Do you offer single colour maps?

Yes, we do. All our maps and decorations can be ordered in all sorts of multi- or single colour combinations.

Who manufactures your maps and where?

All our wooden maps and decorations are proudly hand manufactured by 68travel in the heart of Europe - in Slovakia. Check out our manufacturing process here. From here they are shipped all over the World.

However, all of the accessories can also be purchased individually, so that you can create a customised map according to your prefernces. 

Which colour stains you use to design your wooden map? 

We use natural wood stains. The exact combination is carefuly selected for each map style (Classic, Industrial, etc.).

Can I choose the colours of my 3D wooden world map?

Yes, of course. We can make a customised map for you. Click here to see all our available colours. Classic World wooden maps come with these stains: walnut, pine, oak, chestnut, cherry and natural unstained wood.

How to care for the map?

There is nothing special you need to do once you install the map. We only recommend to check for the strength of the attachment to the wall of you use the sticky tape - some pieces might move, warp or detach slightly from the wall. Walls are also not perfect so you should account for that as well. Especially if the map is installed in frequented spots. Visitors and friends might dislocate some wooden pieces as well :) Also note that wood is not big friends with water and humidity, so best to keep the map indoors in a tempered room.

Do you offer a warranty?

Definitely, all our maps come with a lifetime guarantee. Wood is a strong and long-lasting (as well as recyclable) material.


Installation / removal

How complicated is the map installation? Can I do it alone?

The World map installation takes about 2 hours all together. It is certainly possible to install the map on your own, although it is more fun to get your friends and familty together to do so.

What is needed to install the map?

You will need scissors to cut the double-sided sticky tape. You might also want to use a level, masking (painter's) tape and a tape measure to place the corner templates. Then some coffee or tea to help with installing the whole map in your wall :) - some customers have commented they preferred a glass or two of wine. Also check out our info video on the installation process.

Will the double-sided tape work on rough surfaces?

In general, the tape works well on smooth, non-oily surfaces. It also works on slightly uneven walls (it is 1mm thick). That means I wouldn't recommend relying on this installation without trying it out with a small piece. The heaviest piece in the Wooden World Map is the EuroAsia panel, so an extra care should be taken for its installation.

We recommend using hooks and nails to secure the two larger pieces - they have tabs (recesses) on the back side of the panels (North America and EuroAsia). Then the smaller pieces may be mounted using the double-sided tape (especially for the smaller maps as they are lighter). However, you may need to use a regular construction adhesive (Mammut, Patex) in place of the tape for it to work properly (see the supplied instructions manual). We've done it this way on a lot of installations - the only downside is that it's more diffiult to remove the map, though more secure in the long-term.

Can I use the sticky tape on paper wallpapers? 

Definitely, just make sure the wallpaper is securely glued to the wall and does not have rough texture. The supplied tape stickes well to paper, but it will most probably damage it if you try to remove the tape. While the larger panels (EuroAsia + North America) can be installed using nails and hooks, the other smaller pieces (like Australia, Greenlands, etc.) and islands need to be mounted to the wall somehow - and this is really best done with the double-sided tape that we supply in the package.

Is the sticky tape reusable?

No, once you attach the tape to the wall or to the wood, even for a brief period of time, you should not reuse it.

Can I frame the map?

Often customers install the map for example on plexiglass (you can buy it for example in Hornbach 200x100 cm) or on some board. Then the whole map can be easily moved (especially without having to unstick all the smaller islands etc.).

Can I remove the double-sided tape?

The best way is to heat up the tape from the back side of the wooden panels with a heatgun or a hairdryer. Then slowly rotate the wooden part until the foam tape separates. Do not pull the pieces away from the wall because they may break or you may damage the plaster or break the wooden parts. The remaining foam tape left on the wall can then be removed by scraping away with a finger, a roller.

Are burn marks and smell normal?

Yes, they are and they are a result of the laser engraving. They are more evident on the back side (the non-viewable side). Smaller wooden accessories and islands should be installed with the burn-marked side towards the wall. The burn marks around edges and engraved text manifest themselves differently on various types of wood (specially wooden knots and gnarl marks). We feel that is what makes each and every map unique.

Some wooden maps, especially customised ones, are fresh from our production facility. So for a few days after opening the box you may also smell the "burn" of the laser engraving which is completely normal and safe. It is only temporary, so you should just ventilated the room.


After purchase

Can I return the purchased product to you if I don’t like it? 

Yes, you can return any wall map or decoration back within 30 days after receiving it for any reason. Purchases in November and December can be returned in January as well. The product has to be completely unused (safely packed in the original box, all labels still attached, no double sided tape on the backside of the panels, no damage, atc.). Otherwise we will have to charge a restocking fee depending on the level of usage. See also our return policy.

How to track my order?

When we ship out your order, you will receive an email about that. The email contains a link to your order details with the tracking link. Alternatively, please get in touch with us.

I am missing a part of my order or there is damage

Please contact us via email or whatsapp - our contact details. We will always sort out any issues for you :)

How to extend and customise a wooden map?

All our wooden maps can be extended with many different accessories. We regularly create new monuments panels, frames or other small or large additions that can make your wall map even more unique.

We can even create a completely personalised wooden maps or decorations for you.

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