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Tatra Mountains Framed Wooden Map

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The story of our wooden map of the Tatras

We have always loved all sort of maps and in recent years we have managed to reach many satisfied customers with our products. The wooden map of the Tatra Mountains was created as a special project, a bonus to all the other maps we produce. We wanted to please ourselves and all our countrymen who love the Tatras and make them a part of their lives…

  • engraved names, routes, cities, peaks, lakes, waterfalls, mountain huts and other Tatra gems and attractions
  • 15 coats of arms of the Tatra villages, the Slovak emblem, Plesnivec flower and compass
  • easy installation using picture framing rack on the back side
  • 90×50 cm large dimensions (custom sizes available upon request)
  • geographically representative
  • handmade with great care from laser-cut wooden panels
  • multicolour design wall decoration
  • various natural colour stains
  • lightweight and eco-friendly
  • easy to clean, natural wood finish, safe materials
  • lifetime guarantee

The map consists of three layers. The bottom layer in oak is the base layer and shows the profile of the Tatra Mountains. We tried to choose a view that reveals as much of the known peaks as possible. It turned out that this is roughly the view from Poprad. The names of the peaks are also described on this layer, so you can test yourself and get a little knowledge of the Tatra peaks.

The second layer – walnut – has the main task of creating an interesting 3D effect as well as contrasting the whole map. It can be seen as a background under the coats of arms of the Tatra settlements and also under the Tatra Mountains themselves, the northerner, the Slovak emblem and the symbol of the Tatra Mountains – the Plesnivec flower.

The uppermost layer in the natural shade of wood contains the Tatra peaks, lakes, waterfalls, mountain huts and other Tatra gems and attractions. And also 15 of the aforementioned coats of arms. This layer also forms the frame of the whole map, which is extended in the upper part for the inscription Tatry and in the lower part for the panorama of the High Tatras.

This map is a valuable decoration that will serve for many years to come and will be appreciated by everyone who loves the mountains. During the production of the first prototypes, when we were just trying out how it could look like, the map found home with a few excited owners.

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Customisation – Your Truly Unique Wall Decoration

Would you like to get your map or decoration customised in any way and make it even more unique? Add in island? Special colour for a specific country? Custom staining? Custom wooden text as an additional decoration to your map? No problem, we regularly handle requests like these and customisations start at 30 €. Drop us an email at with your detailed request in order to get started.

The various Wooden World Map editions and Wooden Decoration can be customised in terms of colours. Complete list of our currently available stains for these maps can be found here.

No Customs and Duty

Our maps are manufactured and shipped from within the European Union, so there are no customs charges to the EEA countries. There are also no customs charges for our wooden maps and decorations to: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Contact us for details should you have any questions.

Delivery Instructions

Our wooden maps are sensitive to rough handling. Due to their weight and size, the wooden pieces are quality packed suitable for international transport via a courier company. From time-to-time damage may occur during transport. Therefore, you should inspect your package upon delivery and if there is any damage to the outside packaging, record that on the spot with the delivery driver (preferably also taking detailed photos or just decline delivery). Evidence of damage has to be sent to the shipping company and ourselves within 24 hours of delivery.

Framed wooden map – Tatry mountain range

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 1 cm

Stained wood (multi-color)


90 x 50 cm

Number of layers



10 mm

Number of pieces


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