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MOSH Camper Outdoor Seat

The Mosh Kamper is the ideal companion for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Thanks to the BEECELL™ gel filling, it evenly distributes the body’s weight, adapts to its curves and ensures a feeling of comfort even in challenging conditions.

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Thanks to its unique folding design, you can take the camper with you anywhere. The size has been designed to be easily and quickly folded and clipped to any trouser or rucksack pouch.
Velcro straps – you can quickly and easily attach the seat pad to any seat. The strap length is perfectly adjustable and can be adapted to different uses.
Easily portable – the size has been designed to be as easy as possible to carry, fold or attach to any backpack.
Excellent insulating properties of the gel – guarantee softness and comfort when sitting even on rocky surfaces.
Ergonomic shaping – distributes body weight evenly, ensuring a greater sense of comfort and adapting to the curves of the body.
BEECELL™ gel filling – a six-sided honeycomb structure made of environmentally friendly silicone gel used for medical purposes.
Created for long sessions – one of the strongest structures in nature for the best body weight support. The gel creates excellent pressure distribution and helps ensure good blood flow, ensuring blood vessels and skin are not compressed when sitting.
Maximum air circulation – open cell design prevents overheating even on hot days. Increases air circulation while maintaining the strength of the material.
100% shape restoration – the gel filling is restored to its original state even with prolonged use without any deformation.
Gel versus air – a person’s weight is distributed more evenly than when sitting on inflatable cushions.
Improved shape design – the rounded shape of the camper has been designed for relief from lower back pain. The camper can also be used as a lumbar support.

The camper is also great for camping as it allows you to sit comfortably thanks to a good insulating gel layer against hard and cold ground. The camper will protect your bum from the damp and cold, especially when you don’t want to sit directly on the sand or when the camping benches are dewy in the morning. The water and moisture-resistant outdoor pad protects against dirt and keeps clothes dry.
TEXSHELL™ scratch-resistant cover – made from high quality 100% Polyester Oxford fabric.
Waterproof surface – polyurethane coating provides high water resistance and prevents dirt from accumulating between the fibers.
Easy to clean – the cover is removable, so you can easily clean or wash it if necessary.
Oeko-tex standard 100 certificate – no harmful chemicals were used in the production of the cover.
TEXSHELL™ properties – durability and high material strength, abrasion and tear resistance, water repellency and water resistance, UV resistance, anti-static properties, burnout resistance. EVEN ON WILD WAVES
With the Camper you can enjoy a comfortable ride even during your adventures on the water, where sitting on an uncomfortable bench can be very annoying. The combination of waterproof fabric with gel filling dries very quickly even when in contact with water. Thanks to the straps, you can quickly and easily attach the seat pad to any seat. The camper is also a very useful tool on the beach. Thanks to it, your beach clothes will stay dry, clean and free of unpleasantly stuck-on sand. A USEFUL HELPER ON THE GO
Thanks to the included carabiner, you can attach the Kamper to your belt or backpack and carry it very easily. You will also appreciate the carabiner with bottle opener when you want to quench your thirst. The seat pad is also a useful tool for fans of various sporting events or festivals that require sitting on cool surfaces.

Cover material: 100% Polyester Oxford
Seat pad material: silicone gel
Unique design for comfortable seating
Removable cover that is easy to clean
Scratch-resistant, water-resistant cover
Dimensions: 38 × 23 × 4 cm (H×W×D)
Weight: 885g


Gark Gray, Khaki, Lime, Beige, Blue, Orange


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