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Mixit Muesli with dried fruit and nuts – Let’s exercise in rhythm 500 g

  A really tasty and packed fitness blend, created in collaboration with professional fitness trainers. This fitness blend is formulated in the optimal nutrient ratio according to the Zone Diet – protein: fat: carbohydrate – 20:20:60 (when combining e.g. 30 g of muesli and 300 ml of milk). So get to the gym!

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Barley flakes 16%, oat flakes 15%, wheat flakes 13%, buckwheat flakes 11%, cranberry 8% (cranberry “Canadian cranberry” 65%, sugar, sunflower oil), goji 6% (Chinese cranberry), % (sugar 60%, papaya 39.7%, acidity regulator: citric acid), hazelnuts 4%, sunflower seeds 4%, cashew kernels 3%, sliced almonds 3%, Brazil nuts 3%, linseeds 3%, pumpkin seeds 3%, freeze-dried blueberries 1%, freeze-dried pineapple 1%.

Packaging 500g

Notice May contain traces of milk, other nuts, peanuts, sesame. May contain parts of shells.


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