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Travel Memory Game (Pexeso)

Natural beauty

Play this classic memory game to discover the most beautiful places around the World. Remember the places you’ve been to or dream of the natural wonders you’ve yet to discover.

This way you can travel at home from the comfort of your living room, and later in person 🙂

  • pexeso contains 68 pairs because we are 68travel
  • visit places like China, New Zeland, Grand Canyon, Australia, Portugal and many others
  • printed on a quality thick paper
  • each picture has a text description

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How to play this memory game?

  • Cut the PEXESO into individual squares, shuffle and place on a table or other flat surface – pictures down and 68travel logo on top.
  • Each player has the opportunity to turn over two cards and try to find the correct pair.
  • If they succed, they take the cards and can turn over two more. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the next player in the sequence follows.
  • The game continues until the last two cards are revealed. The player with the most correctly found pairs wins. 

We wish you lots of laughter, fun and good memory!




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