Scratch Map of Slovakia

Do you travel a lot? Do you like exploring Slovakia? Do you feel that you still know little about this Little Big Country in the heart of Europe? For all of you, we now have an interesting and original solution – a scratch map of Slovakia. It will not only inspire you, but also let you mark all your visited spots.

More than 250 points of interest in Slovakia:

  • historical cities
  • castles
  • mountain ranges
  • national parks
  • spas
  • various points of interest

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Thick paper





Shipping carton tube

7cm diameter

How Does a Scratch Map Work?

This hand-designed map is printed on a thick paper base. It is A1-size or 84.1 wide by 59.4 cm tall. On top of the bottom design is a special scratch off ink that can be removed with your nail, a coin or any other similar object.

Check out a live scratch-off map »

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