Scratch Map of Europe

There is an infinite number of interesting spots in Europe, so we picked the top ones to include on this unique map. Get exploring and enjoy your travels.

  • large scratch-off map – ideally to be hung on a wall
  • printed on thick paper
  • A1 size (841 x 594 mm)
  • more than 300 scratchable points of interest
  • scratch away: geography, countries, flags, mountain ranges & points of interest
  • the map is coated with a special scratch-off ink that can be scratched away with a nail, a coin or a similar object
  • the bottom layer (revealed upon scratching) shows colourful countries & flags 
  • each point of interest has its own scratchable check mark
  • designed and printed in Europe
  • shipped in a protective gift carton tube

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Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

Thick paper





Shipping carton tube

7cm diameter

How Does a Scratch Map Work?

This hand-designed map is printed on a thick paper base. It is A1-size or 84.1 wide by 59.4 cm tall. On top of the bottom design is a special scratch off ink that can be removed with your nail, a coin or any other similar object.

Check out a live scratch-off map »

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