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Rischino Cinnamon – Flexible

The Flexible ergonomic carrier is suitable from size 50/56 (newborn) to size 92/98 (24-30 months). Flexible is flexible to the baby’s measurements. It adjusts in height and width exactly as needed. A unique head fixation solution that is also adjustable. The carrier can be worn on the front, back or side. The classic shoulder straps can also be crossed.

The hip belt is specially developed for mothers after childbirth to wear from newborn onwards. Its softness and width allow it to be worn from the very first days, it does not compress the uterus, does not transfer the centre of gravity to it and thus allows it to recover better during the first months of wear.


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  • hand-sewn in Slovakia, the carrier is made from our scarf fabric – certified 100% organic cotton
  • highest international certificates
  • lifetime guarantee on staples
  • components of Slovak and Czech production, made to measure
  • the shawl is dyed and woven in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • the carrier is designed on the basis of expert recommendations and follow-up tests in collaboration with experts in the field of paediatrics, paediatric orthopaedics, obstetrics and neonatology, sponsored by an orthopaedic surgeon
  • it is ergonomic not only for the child but also for the wearer, providing both with a healthy, comfortable and safe fit
  • fixation hood provides head fixation for larger babies and is included in the carrier
  • protective covers made of Biocotton or organic cotton for the shoulder straps are included in the carrier, they are dyed only with certified, eco-friendly dyes for children
  • the carrier is designed to ensure the orthopaedically correct position of the child’s hip joints – M-position
  • The soft but structurally rigid backrest fully respects the natural curvature of baby’s spine and is designed to adapt to the developmental stages of the spine, providing the perfect support for the spine
  • backrest designed and modified to provide comfort and greater support for older children as well as babies
  • adjustable width, height and header make it a flexible carrier to all parameters of the baby
  • precise adjustment to the actual size according to the baby’s development
  • Specially designed tightening towards the buttocks, so that the tightening does not pass through the centre of the spine
  • The carrier can be washed at 30 degrees
  • The carrier is fully adjustable to the wearer from dress size 32/34, also suitable for slim figures. We recommend it for wearers with measurements up to 120 cm measured across the middle of the navel.
  • If you need a larger measure, we make adjustments in the price of the carrier, you need to give us the measure through the middle of the navel in the note in the order basket and we will extend the variability of the carrier adequately.

The philosophy of the family business Rischino is to offer the customer an honest product, so the whole process of production of carriers and scarves is covered in Slovakia. In this way they directly supervise the quality of their products. The carriers and scarves are made from certified organic cotton and organic cotton. They meet all the requirements and standards for healthy and safe babywearing. The scarves and bio-cotton are woven in Slovakia in a weaving company with more than 100 years of tradition. The entire production process from the processing of yarn to the deployment of the last component takes place in our region. We have the components necessary for the production of our carriers custom made by local manufacturers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Why choose a Rischino carrier?

  • Developed in collaboration with doctors for safe and healthy babywearing
  • Expert sponsored by an orthopaedic surgeon
  • Highest international certifications
  • Certified components custom-made in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • Organic cotton dyed only with eco-friendly dyes and certified for children, also suitable for sensitive children with allergies
  • The cloth from which the carriers are sewn is woven in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • Lifetime warranty on all Rischino buckles
  • Soft and wide hip belt for wearing even immediately after birth


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