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Petzl Tikka Core 2022 Headlamp

Simple compact rechargeable hiking headlamp with 450 lumens light output provides even and pleasant light.

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TIKKA with rechargeable battery and 450 lumens light output provides even and pleasant light. It is practical for frequent, repeated use in all outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or traveling. The headlamp has an integrated phosphorescent reflector that makes it easy to find when put away and turned off. The red light will preserve night vision and not dazzle those around you. The reflective headband will ensure your safe visibility. The TIKKA CORE comes with a CORE rechargeable battery and also works with three standard batteries thanks to HYBRID CONCEPT technology.

Homogeneous and pleasant light:

The wide, uniform light cone comfortably illuminates the immediate area around you
Three luminous intensities: MAX. LIGHTING LENGTH, STANDARD (balanced between endurance and power) and MAX. POWER
Red light to maintain night vision without dazzling those around you and flashing to signal your location, especially in emergency situations

Easy to use:

Single button for quick and easy selection of light intensity or color
Base plate allows you to tilt the flashlight body in the desired direction
Battery charge indicator shows the battery charge level every time the battery is switched on or off
Handy phosphorescent reflector for easy finding of the flashlight after putting it away and turning it off
LOCK feature prevents the flashlight from lighting up during transport or storage
Removable and washable head strap
Storage pouch that also doubles as a lamp
HYBRID CONCEPT technology: the TIKKA CORE comes with a rechargeable CORE battery and is also compatible with 3 standard AAA/LR03 batteries (not included); the headlamp automatically detects the power source and adjusts the light output
Compatible with HELMET ADAPT and BIKE ADAPT 2 adapters so you can attach the flashlight to different types of helmets or bicycles (1)


This flashlight is not certified for road use: When used in an area subject to traffic regulations, Petzl flashlights are not a substitute for the required certified lighting.

Weight: 84 g
Illumination time: 110 hours
Range: 75 m
Luminous flux: 450 lm
Resistance: IPX4
Certification: CE


Blue, Green, Grey, Yellow


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