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Mountain Equipment Aerostat Down 7.0 Inflatable Mattress

Innovative inflatable mattress with feather filling that provides you with a comfortable sleep up to -40 °C. All this with a low weight and small volume. This makes it suitable for all kinds of activities.

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Good quality sleep is one of the basic requirements for full recovery on every climb. When sleeping in direct contact with a cold surface, cooling occurs 60 times faster than with outside air, so it is essential to have good insulation underneath.

Thanks to innovative technology with 180g of down inside, Mountain Equipment’s AEROSTAT DOWN air mattress will ensure your insulation from the ground works in temperatures as low as -40°C. Whether you sleep in a tent, winterraum, bivouac or directly on the snow and ice. Thanks to its light weight and great packability, it will become an essential piece of equipment for all your overnight stays. All this and the 7 cm thickness of the mattress will provide high comfort for a restful sleep.

180 g Duck feather 90/10 with a minimum fill of 700 cuin.
Vertical chambers Helix baffle, which are filled inside with a foam spiral, preventing unwanted movement of the feathers inside the mattress.
30 D strength surface material with ripstop weave and TPU lamination.
Two-way valve for comfortable inflation and deflation of the mattress.
Comes with Windsock™ bag for easy inflation, can also be used as a lightweight stuff sack.
Supplied with repair kit.
R=5, tested to the new ASTM F3340 standard.
The inflatable mattress features a patented Helix baffle system of vertical chambers that are filled with a foam coil inside, preventing unwanted feather movement inside the mattress. This keeps the feathers in place and prevents unwanted air circulation throughout the interior space that would cause unwanted cooling of the body.

High quality duck feathers with 700+ fill power
Inside the chambers of the mattress there is high quality duck feather. Sourced from China, it contains a minimum of 90% down, has a minimum down fill of 700 cuin and meets the ethical DOWN CODEX®. The feathers are gently cleaned with water without chemical treatment. This destroys dust mites and their habitat, which allergy sufferers will appreciate. The feathers retain their important grease and loft, are easy to pack, highly insulated and light weight.

180 g of feathers.
700+ cuin minimum fill.
Down ratio 90:10.
Long durability.
Unique filling valve
Reliable fill valve, when using the one-way attachment, allows for convenient inflation of the mattress. When it is removed, the air mattress deflates quickly and completely and can therefore be packed away quickly and easily. A protective flap is also used to secure the mattress to prevent unintentional opening and air leakage. Everything is clearly colour-coded and firmly attached to the mattress, so you will always have all the components at your disposal.

Innovations in inflatable car mattresses
Thanks to the patented Windsock system, filling the Aerostat is quick and convenient, just blow into the bag with a 20 cm distance, attach it to the filling cap, close it and then roll it to let the air into the mattress. During the filling process, the air does not escape from the mattress thanks to the one-way valve attachment.

Repeating this procedure for several inflations of the bag will fill the mattress to the desired firmness. There is therefore no need to inflate the mattress through the mouth, which could be tedious and exhausting, plus it would allow moisture to get inside which could freeze on the inner walls, causing an unpleasant cooling effect that would reduce sleeping comfort. The stuff sack is an integral part of the mattress bag so you never forget it at home.

Durable 30D ripstop fabric
The mattress is made from 30 denier ripstop fabric that is compressible, abrasion resistant and won’t trap moisture thanks to the protective TPU lamination. It maintains a high level of collapsibility so that the karimat does not take up too much space in the backpack.

Guarantee of a good night’s sleep
All mattresses are tested to the new ASTM F3340 standard. In addition, Mountain Equipment lists a “Good Night Sleep Guaranteed” value, which in this case is -40°C. This value was measured in real-world use and takes into account factors such as wind and humidity.

Year-round use
The Aerostat Down’s low weight, 7 cm thickness, high collapsibility and excellent insulation make it suitable for year-round use from tent to bivouac on the glacier. When it will provide you with insulation even in -40 °C and thanks to its weight of 735 g (regular) it will hardly weigh you down.


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