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Mixit Muesli with dried fruit and nuts – For swimwear 400 g

The popular bestseller muesli with dried fruit and nuts has an improved recipe and contains dried apples. Getting you back into last year’s Glycemic Index Swimsuit is easy, especially with a blend put together by our nutritionist Jana Vasakova. So hopefully you won’t fall off.

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Barley flakes 15.5%, corn flakes 14.5% (corn flour 87%, barley malt extract, salt), oat flakes 14.5%, wheat flakes 14%, soy flakes 14%, , dried apples 5,5%, coconut slices 5,2%, sunflower seeds 5%, puffed amaranth pearls 2%, freeze-dried blackcurrants 1,6%, freeze-dried strawberries 1,4%, freeze-dried raspberries 1,3%.

Nutrition facts per 100 g:

Energy value1673,0
 400,0 kcal
of which saturates4.2
of which sugars7.2

Packaging 400g

Notice May contain traces of milk, other nuts, peanuts, sesame. May contain parts of shells.


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