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MiniMeis – sunshade

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Ready to go. Is your toddler ready to feel like in a convertible? All you need to do is unfold the sun canopy, fasten the two buckles and place it on the backrest of the MiniMeis carrier. To make room for larger children, place the canopy higher on the frame. When you are not using the visor, simply fold it up and put it away. Flat as a pancake. The sun canopy protects your baby from harsh sunlight, and when not in use, it quickly and easily turns into a flat and compact “pancake”. All MINIMEIS children’s equipment has been designed to be compact, easy to use and to look great – the sun canopy is no exception. Minimeis carrier + sunshade = perfect duo! Whether you are going to the beach, walking around town or going on a long hike, the MiniMeis and Sunshade canopy will keep your child happy and protected. With this perfect duo, nothing can stop you!

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Closer to the sun in a safe shade

We created The Sunshade sunshade to keep your little explorer in the MiniMeis carrier protected from the sun’s rays. Your child can now enjoy the wonderful view while traveling in MiniMeis, and you can rest assured of his health and safety. It is worth adding that we have also made sure that the visor has all the qualities most desired by parents: it is COMPACT, EASY TO USE and LOOKS GREAT. No compromises, just a safe shade provided out of love. When your little one is under such protection, you can happily go out to meet the sun and sometimes greet a light rain.


  • The MiniMeis sun canopy protects your child while traveling in the MiniMeis carrier
  • Suitable for children from about 6 months to 4 years
  • Foldable, easy to use and stylish black
  • Sun protection certified: SPF50 +

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