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Ferrino Lightec SM 1100 Sleeping Bag

The Ferrino Lightec Shingle range of ultralight synthetic sleeping bags with excellent thermal performance. The filling consists of thin H. T. F. Compact® hollow fibers, which have excellent packability and low weight. The ‘Shingle’ construction effectively spreads the infill, which increases thermal performance without the need to add additional infill. Insulated leg warmers cover the zippers to prevent heat loss, and the zippers are also lined with a solid insert to prevent the rider from snagging on the surrounding material. The hood can be pulled down using a cord and the One Touch system, which simplifies handling. If you’re looking for a light, packable sleeping bag with a filling that keeps you warm even when wet, you’ve come to the right place.

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Dimensions of the sleeping bag: 215x80x50 cm
Weight: 1100 g
Package dimensions: 18×37 cm
Temperature comfort range: +18+2-3-20

Shingle Construction:

The specific shingle construction effectively spreads the filling inside the sleeping bag and thus it is possible to create a higher heat output with the same weight of the filling. The individual layers of the filling are overlapped to cover the individual transitions between them, thereby reducing heat losses.


All-year mummy-type sleeping bag
Synthetic filling H.T.F. Compact®
Filling weight: 610 g
Low weight and perfect packability
Shingle construction for effective infill distribution
Long longitudinal zipper for greater comfort
The insulated leg prevents heat from escaping
Drawstring hood
Supplied with a compression transport case
Temperature testing according to EN ISO 23537-1: 2016

All Ferrino sleeping bags are subject to standard temperature testing by an independent center. Testing takes place on a mannequin with sensors, which is placed in a sleeping bag, and as the ambient temperature gradually decreases, the comfort temperature for men and women is evaluated separately.


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