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Moss 3D Map of Europe – natural Nordic lichen

Bring a piece of nature home.

This truly unique moss 3D map of Europe is made of natural Nordic lichen, which will beautifuly connect your space, office or home with nature. Add some natural greenery to you room or office and you will feel as if you are in a moss forest every time you look at your wall. This wall decoration will dominate any interior wall space and will delight even the most demanding clients.

  • We use Nordic lichen (Cladonia Stellaris) which creates a natural 3D smooth look. Green and blue colours of the lichen are used in this map (other colour variations are also available upon request, see description below).
  • All plants and mosses are 100% natural organic and go through a unique stabilization process after which they retain their natural fresh appearance.
  • Impressive dimensions – 90 x 70 cm (35.5 x 27.5 in).
  • Stabilisation guarantees long life – plants retain their texture, are soft and smooth to touch and stay green.
  • Stabilised lichen does not grow and does not require sunlight (can be displayed in dark spaces like bathrooms). It is hypoallergenic as it does not contain any chemicals. It constantly absorbs and releases humidity and absorbs sound, so it is a great noise-proofing material and natural solution against disturbing echo.
  • Every piece of the map is made by hand, with love in Slovakia.
  • 100% organic natural, made from real plants and moss.
  • 0% care, you don’t have to worry about the decoration at all.
  • This map is embedded in a quality wooden frame (various colour options available).

$700.00 (incl. VAT)

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Truly unique and beautiful moss maps made from naturaly stabilised lichen – great design which will make your home or office very special and will add a piece of nature to your space.

About the Moss and Lichens

Mosses, lichens and plants that are used for production are cultivated in certified farms – with respect for the environment. The organic material is collected by hand and then sorted. Subsequently, the plants are ecologically stabilized using a natural solution with salt minerals, which stops the growth and prevents colour-degradation and decay – so-called mummification. Various different plants are used in our products, including ferns, Ball moss (scoop moss), forrest moss and Nordic Lichen.


Framed moss maps and decorations can be hung on a wall using a standard picture frame mounting hardware (installed on the back side of the frame). Wall anchors are not provided in the package.

Production and Delivery of Moss Maps & Decorations

Every piece of map is handmade with love in Slovakia. Many maps and decorations are well-stocked. If you are working towards a specific deadline, please contact us at the time of purchase.

Important Information

  • These decorations are for indoor use only.
  • Do not place the map in direct sunlight – it may lose pigment.
  • Do not water the plants and mosses – water will harm them (constant humidity greater than 80%).
  • Do not place the product near fire, heating or other heat sources (constant humidity less than 40%).
  • Avoid any mechanical damage (by pushing on the moss, etc.)
  • The service life of the product is 5-8 years, if the manufacturer’s recommended instructions are followed.
  • The product is covered by a 2-year warranty.
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions N/A

90 x 70 cm


Blue & Green

Frame height

5 cm

Frame thickness

1 cm

Frame colour

Black wood, Light wood, White wood


100% natural stabilised Nordic lichen


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