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Curaprox Replacement toothpaste

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These replacement toothpastes are a great companion for all travelers, whether you are in the mountains or just on the road. They are light and compact, so they fit anywhere and are precisely shaped to fit in the Curaprox travel set.

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Six zesty flavours. Six vibrant colours. Long-lasting freshness. Gentle, natural whitening. A new dimension in oral health.

Black Is White

Black Is White toothpaste removes stains gently. No bleaching agents. No harsh, abrasive ingredients. The activated carbon simply absorbs unattractive, discoloured particles caused by things like smoking, coffee or red wine.


Forget the usual harsh toothpaste ingredients. We only use ingredients that work naturally with your body…. such as enzymes that boost the protective power of your saliva.

Weight N/A

10 ml

Product lines

BeYou, Black is White, Enzycal


Candy Lover, Challenger, Daydreamer, Explorer, Pure Happiness, Rising Star, Black is White, Zero, 950, 1450

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