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Care Plus Classic Head Net non-impregnated

The Classic head net is a non-impregnated, very fine-meshed head net. Perfect for use in your own country and in northern locations. It also protects against midges.

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  • Very fine-meshed head net for home and travel
  • Mesh size: 1010. According to WHO standards
  • Dimensions net (Ø x h): 400 x 500 mm
  • Dimensions packaging (Ø x h): 50 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Made of durable polyester fibre
  • The net can be closed at the bottom by means of a cord
  • Ideal for use in northern locations
  • Protection from mosquitoes, flies and very small insects such as midges.
  • One-size-fits-all: this head net always fits

Weight 0.090 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 cm
Packed Dimensions

5 cm x 10 cm


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