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Care Plus Anti-Blister Spray – 50ml

Camphor spray
Suitable for – can be used as a blister preventative
Features – spray daily 2-3 weeks before. During and after the hike the spray cools, refreshes and relieves tired muscles and feet
Supplied – 50 ml spray bottle

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Care Plus Anti-Blister Camphor Spray prevents blisters by strengthening the skin. It should be sprayed onto your feet daily 2 or 3 weeks before the start of your holiday so the skin has time to harden, thereby reducing the risk of blisters developing. Friction or pressure will cause the top layer of skin (epidermis) to separate from the underlying layers. A blister filled with tissue fluid will form at this point. The body creates a blister to protect the wound from additional friction or pressure. Protect and care for your feet with Care Plus foot products.

It can also be used during (and after) a long walking tour to cool, freshen and relieve tired muscles and feet whenever the need arises. It also cleanses the skin, so plasters can stick more easily.

Care Plus Anti-Blister Camphor Spray is supplied in a 50ml pump action spray.


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