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Brix Freeze-dried apricots

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Freeze-dried fruit is 100% pure fruit from which the water has been removed. It is crisp dried and retains its colour, flavour and up to 98% of its nutritional value, making it almost identical to the original fruit. It is preservative-free.

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BRIX – Grown for Flavour offers you fruit of the highest quality. Apricots are grown on extremely fertile soil in the virgin environment of Serbia. The flavour and aroma is enhanced by the large number of sunny days during the ripening period, as well as by harvesting at the time of ideal ripeness. These favourable natural indicators guarantee the fruit’s perfect flavour harmony. The quality of Serbian fruit is among the best in Europe. Every 100g of freeze-dried fruit is made from 800g to 1kg of fresh fruit. Weight: 85 g (made from 850 g of fresh fruit)

Ingredients: 100% apricots dehydrated by freeze-drying (freeze-drying process). Store in a dry place. Protect from heat and direct sunlight.

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