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Why Wooden Decorations?

Wood is a popular material for wall decorations. You can find wooden wall decor such as hanging wall art, wall plaques, wall panels and wall maps. Popular accessory items are also wooden photo frames.

Wood is a natural material with unique texture for each piece. Wooden pieces are very durable and can often last a lifetime, providing a much-loved and appreciated memento. Wooden decorations can be used to give any room a warmth and originality. For home decor, wooden wall decorations add a classic and cozy look to your living space. There are various colour combinations of our modern wooden decorations available to match the style of your home. Each one of our wall decorations is therefore an individual piece of art.

Wooden decorations can also make great gifts for friends and family. They are unique and thoughtful gifts that can be treasured for years, providing a lasting memory. Wooden decorations can be suitable for all sorts of occasions, from Christmas gift decorations to housewarming gifts, birthdays and even weddings (the 5th anniversary is the wooden one).

Wooden decorations are also a great choice for corporate gifts. Wooden wall maps can be completely customised (with text, company logo, additional items).

With out 68travel™ products we seek to create hand-crafted meaningful wall decorations that inspire – gifts that will be appreciated for generations. Wooden decorations are perfect for those looking to stand out from the crowd.

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