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BRIX – Freeze-dried lychee

BRIX – Grown for Flavour offers only products processed from the best quality fruit, grown in the extremely fertile soil in a pristine environment. The taste and flavour is enhanced greatly by a number of sunny days during the ripening season as well as harvesting at the right time. Deliciousness of freeze-dried fruit depends on the quality of the fresh fruit used.


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Freeze-dried fruit is 100% pure fruit, just the water is removed. It is crispy, dry fruit retaining its colour, flavour and natural nutrients up to 98%. Thus it is nearly identical to its original. No preservatives added. The fruit can be rehydrated or eaten dry. Ideal for snacking, muesli, yogurt, sorbets, smoothies, tea, baking and culinary processing.

100g of freeze-dried fruit is made of 800g – 1kg of fresh fruit.

Ingredients: 100% Lychee dehydrated by lyophilisation process (freeze-drying).

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Made in Slovakia.

Average nutrition facts (per 100g):

Fats g1,1
saturates g0,01
Carbohydrates g79,8
Sugar g61,4
Fibre g1,3
Protein g6,5
Salt<0.01 g

Dimensions: 13 × 7 × 22,5 cm for 35 g and 18 × 9 × 29 cm for 95 g

Weight N/A

35 g, 95 g


1508 kJ/ 360 kcal


extra durable, transparent


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